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Nation's Bio-Solution is a non-toxic, non-flammable, powerful bio-solvent/surfactant. It is a synthesized non-microbial enzyme that has been engineered to break down hydrocarbon adhesion to solids. Nations Bio-Solution reduces hydrocarbon viscosities, dissolves paraffins, asphaltenes, and forms short term emulsions. It improves crude oil properties and induces changes to oil surface properties. Consequently, Hydrocarbons do not stick together, resulting in increased production levels.


Friction reduction: Because Nations Bio-Solution has a stronger affinity for metal than hydrocarbon, it sets up a water-slide effect, reducing drag on piping, equipment, and flow lines. Equipment and parts last longer, and require less maintenance due to wear. Systems with high pumping costs due to line friction from high viscosity oils will benefit greatly by the introduction of Nations Bio-Solution.


How does it Work? Unlike most solvents and surfactants commonly used, Nations Bio-Solution cleans and adheres to the surface of the oil-producing sands, rendering the formation of "water wet" instead of "oil wet", thus reducing between the oil and the formation. And since Nations Bio-Solution adheres to the formation, it is not quickly flushed away, but remains attached for extended periods. A six to ten month effective term is common. Although, longer terms between treatments have shown increases over pretreated production levels.


Emulsion Control: Nations Bio-Solution reduces the interfacial surface tension within heavy crude, thus allowing for the formation of temporary emulsions until the crude is removed and allowed to settle. Once agitation is removed, Nations Bio-Solution behaves as an demulsifier, assisting in the dewatering of even the heaviest crudes.


Asphaltene Control: Many asphaltene production control methods are costly and in some cases create dependencies. When applied properly, Nations Bio-Solution returns the produced water to the well, allowing the asphaltenes to flow easier, and without adhesion or depositions.


Viscosity Control: In most cases, Nations Bio-Solution will break the viscosity of even the heaviest crudes by creating a temporary emulsion. And it will do so without the application of heat.


Paraffin Control: As a continuous injection treatment, Nations Bio-Solution will lower the pour point; in some crudes as much as 70 degrees. It's bio-surfactant properties form short term emulsions, thus controlling paraffin depositions.

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