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Preliminary Injunction Granted on BLM Hydraulic Fracturing Rule


We are overjoyed that today U.S. District Court of Wyoming Judge Scott W. Skavdahl granted a preliminary injunction of the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) hydraulic fracturing rule, finding that, “Congress has not authorized or delegated to the BLM authority to regulate hydraulic fracturing…” Judge Skavdahl found not only that the Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA) and Western Energy Alliance are likely to prevail in their challenge to the rule as arbitrary and capricious, but also that the states of Colorado, North Dakota, Utah and Wyoming and the Ute Tribe showed that BLM had exceeded its authority.


The judge found the state petitioners’ arguments compelling, that Congress has indeed not given BLM the authority to regulate hydraulic fracturing. He also agreed with IPAA and Western Energy Alliance that BLM has failed to justify the rule; BLM could point to no risk from fracking that is not already being managed successfully by the states, or demonstrate that its rule will deliver any environmental benefit not already provided by the states.

We are finally getting relief from the courts regarding the regulatory overreach of the Obama Administration.  Following on the heels of the U.S. District Court of North Dakota’s rebuke of the Waters of the U.S. rule, we hope BLM, EPA and other agencies that are rushing to implement even more regulation on the very businesses that create jobs will pause and actually follow the law and regulatory procedure. The law and separation of powers aren’t a relic of the Constitution that can simply be circumvented by federal agencies; they are there to ensure the government acts in a way that benefits the American people.

Fossil Fuel Free Week is Here!


Fossil Fuel Free Week is here, and we’ve challenged the public to fully experience the life environmentalists and policymakers promote through protests, social media campaigns and overreaching regulations that squeeze out production. Imagine not being able to take any means of transportation, use a smartphone, enjoy a beer or take basic medications–that’s the reality of life without fossil fuels that’s actively promoted by activists.


Take for example the 400 groups that organized in front of the White House a few weeks ago calling on President Obama to keep fossil fuels in the ground. In recent months we’ve also witnessed numerous anti-fracking rallies, demonstrations against Keystone XL and other pipelines and rail transport, the divestiture movement, and kayaktivists against arctic drilling.


We created the Fossil Fuel Free Challenge to show that oil and natural gas products are not easily dispensable. In fact, fossil fuels make modern living possible. They power our economy and provide the basic feedstock used to manufacture smartphones, clothing and medicine and make our world safer, healthier and more convenient.

Learn more at Each day this week, visit the site for details on how attempting to live free of fossil fuels in reality means forgoing the basics of daily life.

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